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[28 Jan 2013|06:03pm]


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[27 Nov 2010|12:32pm]
My book is finally out! 5 years later...aaand I love it. I've already sold 112 without even trying. I was going to sit here and update y'all on my life, but my daughter just woke up. Yea I have a daughter now. A book, a daughter, a new husband....my life is perfect.

You can check out my book at www.allyouneedisfood.com. Feedback appreciated!

And check her out:

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[21 Oct 2009|01:40pm]
I can't stand it when non-religious types critize religious types for "not feeding the homeless or *insert act of kindness here* with their money...but don't do shit themselves to better the world.

That's all, carry on..
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[13 Sep 2009|04:56am]
Well I was going to go to bed, but I feel like I'm on the verge of a panic attack. I get dizzy laying down, my heart kind of hurts, I feel like at any moment I'm going to die. Panic attack! So I'm back online, I'm staying up until I fall asleep where I sit. I kind of want to wake Jason up, make him keep me company, but I hate doing that. He'll probably scold me for not waking him up.

This boy loves to eat more than anyone I've ever met/fed. He never turns down food and when I serve him something, anything, he acts like I just presented him with solid gold sprinkled with diamonds. Often his response is: "Are you kidding me?" or "Oooh my GOD, you're amazing" Tonight we're laying out there watching a movie....

...let me pause and explain our outside area. We don't have a TV in the house, we prefer to be outside as much as possible. So we have this little outside living room. A giant TV under a tarp, two couches, a recliner, a fire pit, our bbq's..it's where we spend most of our time.

...So! We're laying on the futon, he's sleeping, I can't sleep, watching A Knights Tale, and Bethany gets home. She was the designated driver for the evening and brought 3 of our friends home drunk. So she walks by and says: "I'm making some burritos, do you guys want some." And he actually wakes up and in a sleepy voice says: "how big are they?" Me & Bethany crack up, he lays there all sleepy going: "Um...hmm" and I said: "He totally wants one" and he just smiled, closed his eyes and nodded his head. The other day he was leaving & we were outside, Bethany told him there was some oatmeal with fresh peaches in the kitchen if he wanted some before he left. He stopped walking, got this dreamy look on his face & turned around and went right back inside.

Anyway - here are some pictures of me and Rita..I'm sleepy, maybe I'll try this again.

and my new tattoo :)

Aaand the roosters are crowing back & forth, another good reason to sleep inside.

Good morning!
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[09 Sep 2009|11:47am]
In case you were wondering, this is my boyfriend and my Rita:

I'm mad about him. He has me thinking things I haven't thought in a loooong time about anyone. Things like moving in together, running off and getting hitched immediately, having 10 of his babies..this man is amazing and he's crazy about me. </gush>
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Me! [19 Aug 2009|11:47pm]
I AM: shrouded in darkness
I WANT: to see San Francisco from a boat at night
I HAVE: a talent for bread-making
I WISH: I could fly
I HATE: no man
I FEAR: Aliens, even tho I don't believe they exist (lovely being me)
I HEAR: strange things at night
I SEARCH: for peace
I WONDER: wonder, wonder, wonder, who, who wrote the book of love?
I REGRET: not saying goodbye to him
I ALWAYS: feel solitude like a river
I AM NOT: unhappy
I DANCE: when no one's looking
I SING: along with EVERYING, and I'm sure it's annoying
I CRY: once a month
I WRITE: sad things
I WIN: rarely...
I LOSE: and then I get pissed!
I CONFUSE: panic attacks with being very near deaths door
I NEED: Mel and maybe a large bottle of wine, definitely both
I SHOULD: go to sleep

Your turn..
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[22 Jul 2009|04:47pm]
I think if you truely love someone you wouldn't ask them (or even want to?) to give up their dream. Loving someone, pure love, is loving them for who they are as they are. If you need or want them to change then I'm not sure if I think you really do love them. I think true love lacks selfishness. Not that you're expected to NOT feel selfish, but maybe acting on it is the problem. Wanting whats best for them even if it means sacrifice for you. Wanting them to do what makes them happy, even if it means sacrifice for you. I don't want anyone giving up anything for me, if I love him, I'll let him be and do what he is and does. And I do. He travels, he'll never settle down completely, he'll always be mostly gone. But I love that about him. Especially now that I understand what it's like to live on tour. There's nothing like it and I could never and would never ask him to give it up to be with me. I feel him near me, I don't feel far away, even though he's on the other side of the country. He's in my heart and that's really the only place I need him to be.

And this guy is on to something.
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Gypsys [20 Jul 2009|10:31pm]
P.S. Look how cute we are, my friend just sent this to me, this is me and Jesse at the music festival back in May:

Aw, I miss my gypsy boy.
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I'm a little bit country [16 Jul 2009|09:30pm]
Today I was up at dawn, picked berries, ate breakfast, jogged in a magical orchard listening to gypsy tunes, picked plums, organized the CRAP out of the house with my sister, made amazing meals out of food from our garden & fruit from our trees...life is good on the farm. My fingers are stained from picking berries, my legs are scratched from gardening, my body is tan, my soul is overflowing with peace, joy & contentment. I'm in love with a beautiful human being, I'm in love with a LOT of beautiful human beings now that I think about it...I see Rita every day and our bond is getting stronger & stronger.

And today we got rid of the TV. I'm fully emersed in this life now. I've never felt more at home.

And that's it :) It's 9:30 and I'm going to bed. Oh..I sleep now by the way..sleep, no ambien, no allergy pills, no alcohol..I just sleep. I love the country! Aand I've been having truely psychic dreams lately...it's weirding me out but I love it.

Ok that's all, that's my update. I love you.


And after a blackberry popsicle


P.S. Yes..even you..
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Tour Dates [10 Jun 2009|11:31am]
So here are the tour dates so far, obviously there's a big gap between August 15th & being back home in September. They are still booking and you can keep udated by going to myspace.com/larryandhisflask.

P.S. It's not on there but we'll be in Detroit on July 29th

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Where do you go to my lovely.. [10 Jun 2009|08:59am]
[ mood | blessed ]

I came here to give a me update, but now that I'm sitting here I'm totally blank. There's just too much to tell. I'm out of the city now and living quite comfortably with my sister & I've never been happier. My life is filled with music, almost a constant flow. Especially with Tom in town & there being so many shows. The other night Tom & Wills new band (Chandler, Jacob, Jason, Tom & Will = supergroup) practiced outside my trailer. I was in heaven. Sitting on my front porch used to amplify how alone I was in the big city. Now "my porch" is filled with beautiful men playing beautiful music. I laid there on a gypsy bed full of pillows and listened until they stopped for the night.

I leave for Oregon on Monday & I'll be back late September. I'm so ready to go but it still feels unreal. I was starting to worry about leaving my family for so long, but I was talking to Ian when I realized that there's no need to worry, because they ARE my family in the most magical of ways. Jesse, Ian & Dall..numerous times have proven to me that magic connects us even though we're hundreds of miles apart. When we're all together there's nothing for me to worry about.

I guess that about sums up my life right now. Family & music. What more is there to say?

P.S. I got a twitter account so that I can give updates via my phone while I'm on the road so people can keep track of me. (It's been requested). So if you want to you can follow me at twitter.com/iflowon

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[28 Apr 2009|10:11am]
You can read the censored version for the book here as well as see pictures of the boys.
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I swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing awaaay! [27 Apr 2009|04:51pm]
This weekend was amazing. I spent Thursday-Sunday with the gypsy boys. We were in Monterey, Santa Cruz, Oakland, San Francisco and then back to Santa Cruz. I'm in the process of writing about it because I think it may be the beginning of my book. When it's done I'll post it. So after the San Francisco show we followed some people we met down to this lively place in SF and they played on the street for a while. It turned into quite the party with random strangers. I was dancing on the street like a hippie at Woodstock. So someone took a video of it and posted it on you tube, it's not the best quality but you can maybe get an idea of their music and what I'm in for. Check it out:

The boys in the band are the ones playing the main instruments, the guy laying down with the washboard and the trumpet player. There are 6 of them in all. There's some guy in there playing the Ukulele but he was just a passerby.
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See ya suckers [21 Apr 2009|12:40pm]
The last few days I've felt terrible. Not physically but emotionally & mentally. I feel dark inside, depressed. No reason really whatsoever. My life has been nothing but happy lately. This came out of the blue..well I'm going to assume it's due to extreme lack of sleep mixed with way too much drinking. I need to harness my chi. I don't even know what that means :) But tonight I'm going to do things that make me happy. I'm going to clean and do yoga and play guitar until my fingers hurt. Music can always chase away my demons.

A haunted mandolin has caused trouble for my boys. Coincidentally my dark days started when they purchased it. We are way too connected but I love it. They left it in the desert so hopefully things will look up. I know they will. I'm going to get rid of my proverbial haunted mandolin tonight. I'm done, over it. It's been 4 years that I've clung to these damn things that I thought I needed. But all they do is bring darkness. I don't need them anymore, sorry Stella, time to die.

Who's crazy now? haha, yea, still me.

I'm going to make jumbo prawns now for the bosses and maybe a few for the chef.
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Vegas baby [18 Apr 2009|11:48pm]
So I'm in Vegas right now and it's crazy...and I wrote a letter to my friend and it pretty accurately explains how I feel in life right now. So the obvious thing to do was post it here :) Read more...Collapse )
P.S. Hey Tim - I have your candy bars plus some extra Vegasy stuff for you. But if you think you're getting some of my $8 almonds you're mistaken.
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Writer's Block: What is your name? [09 Apr 2009|04:00pm]
If you were to have another name, what would it be?

Lucy......I don't have to tell you where I am and what I have with me...........
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Name that book [08 Apr 2009|09:51pm]
As most of you know I'm writing a cookbook. If you don't know...well..I'm writing a cookbook about food & music. I get to travel around this summer with this kickass band; I'll be documenting our travels and this will be the running theme. I've also got (currently) over 40 artists & musicians from all around the world writing stories about their own musical journey & influences and these stories will be scattered throughout. My intention is to share the joy of food & music using my own voice and the voices of artists from different cultures throughout America.

THAT SAID - I need a title! I've been calling this All You Need Is Food since the beginning but I'm not in love with it anymore. I feel like there's something else out there. I'm sure of it. So...I need your help. Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions for a book name? If I pick it I'll write a haiku about you and put it in the book, I swear.

Thanks y'all!
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I can see the end of the road, honey [07 Apr 2009|02:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today for lunch I had a grilled portabella mushroom, soft, creamy brie, vine-ripe tomatoes on whole wheat bread with an avocado spread made of avocado, mayo, garlic, lime juice, lemon juice, salt & pepper. The brie melted every so gently onto the hot-off-the-grill mushroom and I fell madly in love with myself all over again. Needless to say that falling in love with myself thing happens almost on a daily basis.

Cheese is to me what crack is to someone wearing a wife-beater and looking disheveled on Cops. My mouth waters when it's near, I almost can't control myself and the feeling I get when I eat it is....well....this is a PG blog so I'll just say it makes me weak in the knees. I mean shit, have you ever had hot melty brie on soft sour dough bread?? If you haven't I feel sorry for you. Or maybe I feel sorry for me. I almost threw a whole wedge of brie out today because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to control myself around it. Luckily for the cheese I realized that would be extremely wasteful. It wasn't the brie's fault it was sent from heaven above as a sign that God loves me very, very much...

I think cheese is the reason God gave us cows, sheep & goats. It's not about the meat, I don't want to have to kill something to feel this feeling I feel when I eat cheese. I want to feel pure, like someone shared with me a very special gift.

I can see why the Israelite's in the Bible made a golden calf and worshiped it. Cows produce Gods greatest gift (2nd only to Jesus himself).

I think I have a serious problem.

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[26 Mar 2009|11:12am]
Lost spoiler sort ofCollapse )
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Strange days have found us [24 Mar 2009|09:40am]
[ mood | awesome ]

Something strange has been going on with me. Strange good, but strange. Things have been happening since the start of this year. I randomly said on New Years Eve that 2009 would be the year of truth and freedom. But turns out it wasn't random at all, it was prophetic. It's as if all of the good karma I've accumulated over my life is all being re payed and as though all of the shit I've been through is being made up for. And it's not even that mostly....I just feel different. I have such good luck it's scary. Luck that makes me feel like I'm being looked after. I don't know, this is making me sound crazy.

And I quit smoking just like THAT without any trace of a struggle. Then I decided to quit the sleeping pills I've been taking for close to 4 years and what happens? I just SLEEP, just like that. That doesn't happen to me, that has never happened to me. It's a good thing but it's kind of creeping me out.

Something is just going on, I can feel it.

I can go on and on and give examples of the weirdness but I think I'll keep it to myself. It all means a lot to me and makes life feel magical and sort of..mystical...but it also makes me sound crazy because no one believes in magic anymore. But I do, big time. Anyway :) If this is crazy then I love crazy.

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