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Life Flows On

Within you and without you

I'd spend large amounts of money on cheese before I'd spend it on clothes. Food and music and family is pretty much what I'm all about.
aerosmith, al pacino, angels, babies, ben stiller, bill murray, black & white movies, blues, blur, bob dylan, bob marley, carl jung, cary grant, cat power, cheese, climbing, clouds, cooking, creedence clearwater revival, david gilmour, dreams, drew barrymore, elliot smith, elo, elton john, elvis, enders game, family, family guy, feta, food, george harrison, god, guitars, han solo, herbs, hiking, hippies, hummus, i am kloot, incense, incubus, interpol, j.r.r. tolkien, janis joplin, jeff beck, jimi hendrix, jimmy stewart, john lennon, johnny cash, johnny depp, jr gong, king of the hill, la cosa nostra, larry and his flask, lazy saturdays, lebanese food, led zeppelin, lestat, lord of the rings, lucid dreaming, martin scorsese, meditation, modest mouse, motorcycles, movies, music, mythology, nature, neil diamond, neil young, newcastle, nick drake, orson scott card, owen wilson, paul mccartney, peace, people watching, photography, pierogies, pink floyd, queen, rain, reading, red dwarf, reggae, ringo starr, road trips, rod stewart, roger waters, sarcasm, scotland, scripture, sidney sheldon, simon & garfunkel, sketch art, sleeping, sleeping in, snl, solitude, spirituality, star wars, staying at home, steven tyler, sunsets, syd barrett, tattoos, tea, the 60's, the beatles, the bible, the byrds, the doors, the human mind, the kinks, the moon, the ramones, the reverend horton heat, the rolling stones, the shins, the white stripes, the who, tom petty, trees, van morrison, velvet underground, walkie-talkies, water, wes anderson, wine, writing, yoda, yoga, yoko ono